Aug 31

Electronics Woes

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We’re leaving for Disney World soon, and I was sending an email out to all mine and Steve’s clients letting them know, along with contact info for Steve. Well, I couldn’t remember Steve’s cell phone number, and I couldn’t find my cell phone number to get it. So I called my own cell phone to locate it. After a lengthy search, I finally discovered it in the dishwasher! Josh had picked it up off a table in the living room and put it in the dishwasher. Then, without knowing that, Leann had run the dishwasher.

Obviously, since I was able to locate it, it is still working to some extent. The screen is messed up, though. After finding it, I disconnected the battery and set it out to dry. I tried turning it on this morning, but then was unable to turn it back off. I took the battery off again. I’ll let it dry some more and see what happens.

On a much more minor note, the power button on my PDA stopped working. There are, fortunately, other methods for turning it on, but I just had to set the auto-power-off to 30 seconds so I wouldn’t waste battery power. I would take it apart to see what the deal is, but I don’t want to risk ruining anything.

Aug 29

Moved in!

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We are all moved in to the new house. Well, everything’s under the roof, anyway. Except for our new fridge, which is scheduled to arrive today. Leann even rearranged everything in the garage so that the van could fit. Only one vehicle so far, though. It’s a 3-car garage, so as soon as everything’s unpacked enough, I’ll be able to pull in.

Closing went remarkably well. Later we found out that there was someone else standing buy who wanted that same house. In fact, if anything at all went wrong with our closing, she would have closed on it that day! Wow! Now I know God was looking out for us.

Now we have to spend the week unpacking, packing for Disney world, and I have to do some web work as well. Fun and busy!

Aug 25

Final Inspection

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The final inspection of the buyers on our old house is today at noon. Neither Leann or our realtor can make it to this one, so I’m having to take off even more work. I went in an hour early today, though, so it won’t make quite as much of a difference.

Keep us in your prayers.

Aug 24


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Well, yesterday the new buyers decided that they didn’t want to accept payment in lieu of the actual repairs. Also, they wanted the house to be inspected after repairs were rendered. Seeing as how closing is Friday, that would mean inspection Thursday, which meant all the repairs had to be done Tuesday and/or Wednesday. And Wednesday night is church. Ouch.

Well, with the help of Leann, Tom Sawyer and Peter Walden, all the repairs were completed last night. I ended up staying up until 12:30, but that’s okay, because I still managed to drag myself out of bed on time this morning.

I say all the repairs were done. We still have a heat and air guy coming to do a couple of repairs today that I couldn’t do myself. When we got an estimate from a different guy, he said it would probably take about 14 hours. So I assume this guy will be here all day.

Anway, thanks again to Leann, Tom and Peter. Without Tom and Peter, no work would have gotten done during the hour I was running around looking for a hose bib handle. Instead, they installed an O-ring on my toilet without my even being there. Thanks, guys!

Aug 22

Pack, pack, pack

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Man, I’m tired of packing. We’ve been packing for several days now, and I’m ready for it to be over! We’re about 80-90% packed now. Most of the boxes are out in the garage, but we’ve pretty much run out of room out there. We have too much stuff! Maybe we’ll have a post-moving garage sale in addition to the one we had earlier this year in preparing to move.

Josh likes to get one of his toys, find an open box, and throw it in the box. It’s pretty funny.

Aug 18

We had our inspection Monday. The only thing they wanted us to do was a camera inspection of the ductwork to determine if problems there are causing the interior settling of the foundation. So yesterday, that happened.

The only thing the guy who did that recommended was that we get the plennum repaired. So we also started trying to get estimates from people on fixing the plennum. We will likely be getting estimates from two different companies. The earliest the first one we scheduled can come out is Friday for an estimate and Monday for the work. I haven’t heard from the second guy yet. We’re supposed to be closing a week from tomorrow, so that’s cutting it a little closser than I’d really like.

Leann and I ended up skipping church last night to pack all night. We will also be packing tonight, plus we’re going to Sears to look at a fridge. We have to wait to actually buy the fridge until we pay for the plennum repair, though. Hopefully we’ll still have money for both.

I did go on a walk last night with Josh. I’m really trying to get three walks in a week, but it’s tough, especially with the move coming up. Yesterday when I set out it was still just over 90 degrees. Josh fell asleep and slept for the whole 30+ minutes. When he woke up at home, he was completely sweat-soaked on his back. He and I went inside and drank some water, then took a shower. Josh hates showers. I think the loud noice freaks him out.

Aug 14

Josh and I had a wonderful time in New Mexico with Deanna and Rebekah. We made a whirlwind trip to Dallas, to Las Cruces, to Roswell and to Clovis and of course, back to Dallas, and back to OKC. We stopped at several shops, several Malls, and tons of great places to eat! Josh and I came back tired, and with 2 new pairs of shoes each. Very exciting!

I have finally had my fill of Mexican food. It is all around in New Mexico. Even if the place says “Go Burger” or “Burger Time” that really means that they have some hamburgers stashed in the back somewhere, but what they are really selling is mexican food. I was fooled several times. Don’t let this happen to you. Burger places are really mexican food places in disquise. We did find a great place that serves frozen custard. I love this stuff! BUT, every topping is offered in New Mexico, even Green Chile on your ice cream. That is where I draw the line. GROSS!

Josh did get to see 2 of his 3 Great Grandmas on the trip. He has a Great-Grandmama (Rosetta) and a Great-Grandmom (Frances) but we just call her Grandmom. My dad would say it’s a “Grand” something or other, but we won’t get into that, the “Grand” debate is still going strong.

Josh and I got back last Monday, and we have been unpacking and doing laundry ever since. Tomorrow is our big inspection to see if we really move, so we will let you know how that turns out tomorrow. As for today, we are somewhat packing…..well, Josh is helping me pack.

Aug 09

Although Leann hasn’t blogged yet, I thought I’d let everyone know that she and Josh arrived safely yesterday. I skipped my lunch and got off work a bit early so I could go to Josh’s 16 month check-up. I think he’s just got one left, then they’re every birthday.

Josh did get shots yesterday, which he wasn’t really happy about at the time. But he had recovered before we even left the doctor’s office. While Leann was paying, I took him out to the waiting room, where he was playing in the kids’ area before we left.

Aug 05

We’re moving!

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Later tonight, I will be accepting an offer on our house. The closing date is the 30th. That’s a Tuesday, so we’re going to try to get it moved up to the Friday before that. Our inspection should be within a week or so, and I intend to be there for this inspection.

The good news is, our house is still available in Thomas Trails. So although we’ll be moving about a month later than we originally intended, we will still be able to live 3 houses down from the Kumors. Woo-hoo!

Now once the inspection is over, my blood pressure should start going back down…

Aug 02

I didn’t quite get everything done last night. I did most of the laundry, dusted, vacuumed, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. I still need to empty the cat litter (my least favorite job), clean the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Unfortunately, I won’t be doing much of that today because I will be taking my car in to the shop. I swung by the post office on the way home from work, and when I got back in the car the clutch was squeaking. When I got home and turned the car off, it was still squeaking. So I had Steve give me a ride to work today, and he will also take me home and then follow me to the shop.

Tonight I babysit Abby and Jillian (The Kumor Kids), which is Leann’s normal Tuesday night gig. We’ll see if I survive. Leann, of course, normally has Josh also. I told Steve to bathe them before he leaves, as I don’t do girly parts on girls over 1 that are not my own.