Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween, everyone. We went to a class Halloween party Saturday night. Josh dressed up as Mario, I was Luigi and Leann was Princess Peach. It was great! We won 3rd place in the costume contest.

Pictures of all Halloween will be forthcoming, as soon as we can get our messed up Gallery program working again…

Oct 27

Here are my results from trying to pass 8th grade math:

[b”>You Passed 8th Grade Math[/b”>

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

[b”>Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?[/b”>


Oct 25

Wow, it’s been awhile since I blogged last. Just over a week, looks like.

Not too much is going on. Steve and I are still working on getting the new Christian Chronicle website ready for its debut a week from today. There’s a few minor tweaks to make still, and Tamie Ross still has a lot of articles and such to enter into the system.

Leann, Josh and I are gearing up for Halloween. Leann took Josh to a pumpkin patch with my parents while they were in Dallas this past weekend. I’m sure she’ll be posting pictures of that before too long.

We’re working on our Halloween costumes as well. It’s a group costume. The part that Josh and I are wearing is pretty much ready. Leann’s is about 0% ready, though. It’s getting to be crunch time! And even after we’d planned the costumes for a whole year. Ah, well.

Oct 17

Sorry I haven’t been adding to the blog circle lately, I really haven’t had much to say. I am leaving with Josh on Wednesday to go to Dallas and on Thursday Josh will turn 18 months old!! Man how time flies! I have been really busy settling into our new house and with Sunshine School. I just wanted to drop a note to say HI and that all is well!

Oct 17

Bad Drivers

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I hate it when people drive around as if the speed limit were irrelevant to them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re going 20 over or 20 under, it drives me crazy. I normally go between the speed limit and 5 over, with some exceptions (school zones it’s always 25 or a hair under, when Leann’s water broke it was 20 over).

This morning I got to work an hour late, which is no biggie, as I can just stay an hour late. But because it wasn’t as early as it normally is on my way to work, there were more people (and therefore more bad drivers) on the road than normal. I was unfortunate enough to get behind someone who was going 60 when the speed limit was 70. And it’s not like the speed limit had just changed. Now, this wouldn’t have been a huge deal if he hadn’t been in the fast lane. But he was. So I honked at him to get over. Not a long, angry honk, just a quick one to let him know someone who was going the speed limit was trying to get past him. The same one you give the guy in front of you at a green light when he is obviously ignorant of the fact the light just changed.

When an additional lane was added to his left, he flipped me off as I passed him. Nice. I felt like I was back in Dallas.

Oct 12

It’s true. Read the story here:


The media file they link to is more of a slideshow with a running audio track. So don’t think it’s your player messing up, it’s not.

This is supposed to give more shock value to bombings, but my co-workers and I were just cracking up.

Oct 11

On a completely different note from the last post…


It’s also amusing because I looked up the domain name record and the domain for that website is registered to someone in Garland, TX, where I grew up.

Oct 10

I’m lazy, so I’m copying this straight from someone else’s blog. I did this, and hope you will too.

Probably the only thing worse than cancer is a child with cancer. Meet Maggie, she has been in a battle against brain cancer for some time now, and may soon have her third brain surgery.

Her father, Rob, wants to do something special for her hospital room (which will be her home for the next 2-3 weeks). He wants to “Plaster her walls with e-Cards!” The hospital has a site, cards are sent in, they print them out and deliver them to Maggie. Such a great and thoughtful use of the web. I am sure she will be overjoyed as her walls quickly fill with messages from around the globe.

So that’s why I am asking everyone who reads PromoGuy.net to go to the Hospital’s e-Card page and send her a card. It is free, and will certainly brighten her day.

You need her name: Maggie Bushway

Now, here is my challenge – I am asking every blogger who reads this site to ask your readers to do the same. And maybe we can snowball this idea. With luck, an A-list blogger will join in and Maggie’s walls will be double-layered with e-Cards! (use “Cards for Maggie” somewhere in your post for google purposes)

You can check up on Maggie’s progress here, and if you want your heart to melt, just take a look at this cutie pie!

More important than the cards, Rob is asking for your prayers. I hope you, and your readers, can send plenty of both.

Oct 04

Last weekend

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Well, last weekend went okay with Josh. For some reason he threw up when I first put him down for a nap, but he was fine up to that point and fine after that. I immediately put him in the tub and cleaned him off, then spent about an hour cleaning up everything else. Not too bad for having no clue what I was doing.

Leann thinks Josh probably just gagged on some drainage, which is likely, since he’s been fine ever since he threw up. He has been a little grouchy the last couple of days, though, because he’s getting his molars in. Well, the first one, anyway.

Balancing web design time with time for family and God continues to be a struggle for me, so keep me in your prayers.