Dec 27

Well, I’m back, anyway. I drove back up Sunday evening. I got home just after midnight, and just barely made it back with enough gas. Of course, all the gas stations were still closed, and I just made it back with the gas gauge on E.

Leann and Josh will be back Wednesday, I believe. I’m looking forward to getting back into our normal schedule.

Christmas in Dallas was great, and very relaxing. I got 8+ hours of sleep a night, and still took a nap on some days. Dad, Kenneth (Leann’s dad) and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on Saturday. It was excellent! I had just reread the book, and although it wasn’t exactly like the book, it was very close. They added a few things that were not in the book, but didn’t really take anything away.

Dec 21

Where is my baby?

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Yes it has been 48 hours since my baby left to go to Dallas. I am actually doing very well with it. I kept busy over at Cheryl’s on Monday as soon as he left. Tuesday was our anniversary and I had to work and I was busy all day until we went to [b”>Red Robin [/b”>last night for dinner and home for a movie called [b”>The 40 year old virgin[/b”> (not meant for children at all).

Today, I slept in until 7:50 and did not awake to “Mommy, Mommy” and got ready for the day. I remarkably got myself ready, changed the sheets on my bed, took care of the nasty kitty litter and started a load of laundry. I then headed off to the Morton’s with Cheryl and then to a doctor’s appt with Cheryl for Steve. (I was there for moral support, and Steve felt fine through the whole thing, YEAH!) Now I am at home picking up and getting ready for dinner and Church. Tomorrow I will get to see my baby! I am so excited. More news after Santa comes…….Bye for now

Dec 20

Today is mine and Leann’s 8-year anniversary. And it’s been a great 8 years! Josh is gone to Dallas, so Leann and I get to go eat out and relax together tonight. We haven’t decided exactly what we’re doing yet, which keeps us flexible. If any of Leann’s Sonshine School students give her a gift certificate as a Christmas gift today, we’ll probably just go where ever the gift card is for.

If past anniversaries are any indication, we’ll probably go see a movie as well. Not sure which one yet, but I know Leann doesn’t want to see the Narnia movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I guess I’ll have to wait and see that over the weekend with family.

Dec 15

Well, sort of. I’m not working on T&S stuff, except for replying to emails and meetings. (I’m an email addict.) I’ll also still be going to my normal job.

Mine and Leann’s 8-year anniversary is December 20th, and Josh will even be out of town with my parents in Dallas. This will be his first time out of town without us. I’m looking forward to the break (as is Leann), but I’m sure we’ll miss him and be ready for the big reunion when it’s time.

Speaking of email addict, here’s a cartoon that could only be more appropriate if it were Superman.

Dec 12

Brent came over last night and took a few Christmas pictures of Leann, Josh and me in front of the tree. He even already sent over the previews. What service! Leann and I haven’t gotten together to pick out the ones we like, but this is my favorite.

Oh, and listen to White Trash Christmas. Hilarious! Good find, Paul.

Dec 09

I took Josh to the doctor for his 18 month well baby check and to get his shot. (yes, we are a couple months late) I asked Dr. Leveridge if he was going to check his ears, and he told me yes. I told him that I was concerned that everytime I come for a well baby, we leave with a prescription for an antibiotic for an ear infection. Sure enough, Josh did not want to prove me wrong, so when the doctor checked his ears, he found that his right ear was infected, and the left had fluid.

Oh well, I am glad it was caught when it was, and Josh didn’t suffer any more. When Josh has an ear infection, he has no other signs that other children have. No tugging of the ears, restless nights, not eating or drinking. The only sign he does show is fussiness, but what baby isn’t fussy? We have an ear check on the 19th right before christmas, so we will see if another drug is needed….So long for now

Dec 09

I’ve done this a few times before, but for some reason this time has been harder than the rest. I decided in mid to late November that I was not going to drink any soft drinks for the month of December. I’ve really been craving Dr. Pepper (my drink of choice since Red Fusion was cancelled) most nights since I stopped drinking them. I have only had a couple of headaches, and they’ve pretty much subsided now. So I guess the worst of the physical symptoms of withdrawal are over.

I did figure out last night that I’m over a fourth of the way through my month. So there’s that, at least.

Oh, a big part of this decision was the kidney stone I had in my system at the time. Luckily, I’ve passed it since then, so all is good.

Dec 07

Look will change

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My wife has asked me to indicate that the look of the site is pretty much thrown together and will be changing. And apparently she doesn’t like the picture of Josh picking his nose.

Dec 07

After setting up a new blogging system over on the Fuch’s website, I decided to switch our website over to the same system.

So here it is. I will also be re-installing the Gallery program, so have patience with me.

Thanks, and enjoy.