Jan 27

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a big Wingstop fan. The Romeros first introduced us to what David calls “The Wingdom” soon after we first met them. I was immediately hooked.

Well, once the Romeros left for Nicaragua 6 months ago, the frequency of our Wingstop visits went down drastically. Way down. So far down that one Sunday morning, it was mentioned during Bible class that the Edmond Wingstop was closed. I had no prior knowledge. It was kind of like someone walking up to you and asking you why you and your significant other broke up, when you didn’t even realize you had.

Luckily, I was already cheating on our Wingstop on occassion with the Wingstop over on the other side of town, just outside of Edmond. In fact, last night, we went with the Romeros and met some other couples in our class to eat at the Wingstop at 6pm.

Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, I had a web meeting at 4pm that lasted until 7pm. I knew I might cut it close, but hoped I would end between 6:00 and 6:30. No such luck. I sent Josh as my substitute, but as I understand it, he didn’t eat any wings at all. I think he’s about that age where we need to sit down and have the Wingstop conversation.

Thankfully, Leann brought some wings and fries back home for me. So ad about 8pm, I finally got to warm up my food and eat while watching American Idol. What a great way to end the day. Eating wings and laughing at people who can’t sing.

Thanks to the Romeros for buying our dinner last night!

Jan 24

The Romeros arrived in Edmond yesterday evening, and are in town for one week. I’m sure David and I will be playing plenty of Monopoly on the Xbox. In fact, I just realized yesterday that I hadn’t played any games on my Xbox since the Romeros moved. I guess it’s just not the same any more.

Either that, or I’ve been too busy with web work…

Jan 18

There are those who claim I like my other blog, GetASiteOnline.com, more than this one. If frequency of posting is the determinate, it’s true. If putting more time into the design is the determinate, it’s true. If promotion online is the determinate, it’s true. In fact, I forget now my argument against that accusation.

(Random side note: Brent Fuchs took a new picture of me last Sunday for T&S use. I’m posting it here for your enjoyment. So enjoy.)

Staying up later than normal for me on a week night is not normally a good idea. I typically get up somewhere between 5am and 6am, work out if I have time, shower and get to work by 6:30. So I try to get to bed around 10pm or so. Now, being a morning person in no way comes naturally to me. But I feel more productive if I get up earlier. And you know what they say. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. “They” are probably right. But my natural proclivity is to stay up until 2am and get up at 10am.

So last night I was up a bit later than normal, until around midnight. I planned on still getting up at 5am and was going to work out. Well, Josh had other plans. He got a rash last night, likely from something he ate, and was kind of miserable last night. So I was up for awhile with him, and then had trouble going back to sleep as he was making noises over the baby monitor.

Fast forward to the morning, and I was still asleep until 7:30am. Since I was already “late” (ie later than my normal time but still not later than everyone else at work), I decided to still go ahead and work out. Which is a good thing. I was at home long enough to see Josh wake up, and his rash was all but gone.

If you’re still reading this, it’s proof that you must be so bored wherever you are that the boringness of this blog entry is more interesting than whatever else you should be doing.

A side note: Leann started her new half-day a week of Preschool teaching at (I believe) Quail Springs. Maybe if we’re all lucky, she’ll blog about it.

Jan 10

Cutest baby….

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I just submitted a picture of Josh that Mike Bosley took to this website. Looks like they have to review it first. Cute twist on those “Who’s the hottest” type websites.

Not that I’ve ever visited any of those…


Jan 09

In a first for the Priebe family, I purchased a Mac. Well, T&S Web Design purchased a Mac, anyway. My refurbished Mac Mini came in the mail last week. Unfortunately, I was sick a large portion of last week, and ended up missing a couple of days of work. That, and the fact that the KVM switch I purchased is junk (that’s for using the same Keyboard Video (aka Monitor) and Mouse with both computers) have resulted in me not playing around with the Mac too much yet.

BTW, that thing is tiny. Seriously, it’s barely bigger than a CD, and only a couple of inches tall.

I need this keyboard now to go with it:


Jan 09

Blonde Joke

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I thought this was a pretty funny blonde joke.

Jan 08

Hello everyone! I hope all are having a great 2006! We made it back from Dallas after Christmas and before New Year’s to celebrate with a party at our house with some of the couples in our class. It was really fun, but our kids are not ready to stay up until midnight. We now celebrate east coast style, and say “Happy New Year” at 11PM.

We had a great christmas! Tim and I got several presents that we really enjoy, but Josh the one who made the haul. It took 3 shifts for him to open his presents, and that included a little help from everyone who was there to celebrate. We want to thank all who gave us gifts. We really appreciate it!

Tim is back at work and Josh and I are back at Sonshine School. If it wasn’t for all the warm temps and wildfires, we would be having a normal January. I was out on a walk yesterday, and my friends and I saw the fire from 2 miles away. We cut our walk short to run home and watch the news. It took about 3 or so hours to put out the fire, but I am glad it didn’t come near our house!

I will write more later!