Mar 31

Okay, this is where I point out the site under our “Blogs we read” menu that hasn’t been updated in the longest time. Prior to its (possible) eventual removal.

And the winner is…

Chris Gee, with “The Best Time Is Now!” Time to rename it, “The Best Time Was A Couple Of Months Ago,” Chris. And that “I was sick” excuse doesn’t hold up. That was a week, not two months. 🙂

Congrats to Tom Sawyer and his more frequent blogging on “Sawyer’s Gone Wild.”

Well, enough bashing of my fellow bloggers for now. If you’d like to be nominated for the Blog of Shame, just stop blogging.

Mar 28

I’m going to break from tradition and blog a bit about technology today. So if that doesn’t interest you, feel free not to read this.

I recently read an article on why Windows is so slow, and how Vista looks to be even slower. The big thing is backwards compatability. Microsoft insists on maintaining 90%+ backwards compatability. When you maintain that and add new features as well, it just has to slow things down.

Apple, on the other hand, broke from all that back in 2001 with OS X. If you were running OS X, guess what? You couldn’t run OX 9 applications. The change was somewhat painful, but it resulted in a much better, faster OS with a cleaner architecture.

Microsoft’s bloated Windows OS may be what kills the company. And here’s the reason why: Microsoft couldn’t survive a switch like that. Apple has fans. Microsoft has reluctant users.

If Microsoft keeps maintaining its backwards compatability, it will die because it will slow to a crawl. If they ditch their backwards compatability, it will be so painful that many will shun Windows for Mac or (heaven forbid) Linux.

I don’t plan to buy Windows Vista. Do you?

Mar 27

Well, at the end of this week the clocks get to “spring forward.” Which means that starting next Monday, I’m back to driving to work in the dark.

At least I get off work while it’s still daylight. Although generally I go home and hibernate in my office until it’s dark.

Speaking of my office, thanks to Leann, Cheryl and Steve for helping me to rearrange my office this weekend. It looks much more professional now. More like an office and less like a “catch-all room,” as Cheryl put it.

I’ll add pictures tonight.

Mar 16

I hate cat poop

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DISCLAIMER: This post talks extensively about cat poop and my loathing for it. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t read it.

I freely admit it. I hate cat poop. I absolutely can’t stand changing the cat litter at our house. The only time I ever do it is if Leann’s pregnant or out of town.

Right now, Leann’s out of town. She told me I should change the cat litter as soon as I got home Sunday night. I can only assume that she had changed it Friday before we left.

Guess when I changed it?

This morning. Thursday. I waited until our finicky cat was so disgusted that she had to poop outside the litter box. And I was on the way out the door to go to work, so I didn’t really have time to do it.

But guess how long it took?

Only five minutes. It took less time for me to change the cat litter than it did for me to get dressed and ready after my shower. (About 6 minutes.) Not much time at all.

But I still hate it.

Mar 13

Leann does Dallas

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Got ya reading….right?

Josh started off his weekend last Wednesday when I drove him to Ardmore to meet his Nana so she could take him back to Dallas. Grandmom and Chubby arrived on Thursday, and Tim and I drove to Dallas on Friday night. On Saturday, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Rockfish, and then it was off to do some shopping. On the way to lunch, Doug, Tim and Josh stopped off to do a little Geocaching and find some treasures. Sunday we went to church and Tim took off for Oklahoma after a mexican fiesta in honor of Doug’s birthday.

It’s Monday now, and Josh and I are having a great time down in Dallas this week. We started off the day with a drive to the airport to drop off Grandmom and Chubby, and then off to Grapevine Mills outlet mall. I bought Josh a doctor kit and some Little People (both of which were on sale) and some ice cream. Josh took a great nap in the stroller while Deanna and I walked around and looked at some great stuff. Before we left, we let Josh ride the carousel and a school bus, he loved them both. Gotta Go, it’s time for dinner and I better help. I will try to write more later.

Mar 10

Kumor’s Blog

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Finally, Stevo has a blog. Welcome to the 21st century, man. 🙂

Read the latest entry for Steve’s adventures falling asleep at work.

Mar 07

I swear, I don’t sit around taking these all day.

Mar 06

So last night Josh said his first three word sentence. “Mommy stinky too?” It was hilarious. He was asking because I explained to him yesterday how he was unfortunate to inherit stinky feet from his daddy, whereas his mother did not have stinky feet. (For the record, it’s generally only when he and I wear sandals, specifically leather sandals.) Anyway, he asked right then, “Mommy stinky?” then answered himself with a drawn out “Nooooo!”

Leann wasn’t there for that first one. But later, when the three of us were on the way to church, he (apparently) smelled his foot and said “Stinky!” then proceeded to ask Leann if her feet were stinky too.

I couldn’t be more proud.