Jun 28

Holy cow! I don’t want to go into any spoilers, but the movie was incredible. I will be seeing it again on Saturday, then again next Tuesday.

Although tons of people were wearing Superman t-shirts, only one guy was dressed up as Superman. And there actually was no line to get in the theater. We walked right in at 9pm, with an hour to wait.

And for those who were asking (in the comments), I’m 28 now. I’ll still never catch up with you guys, though. You know who you are.

Jun 27

Only 15 more hours until Leann and I are watching Superman Returns. Oh, and it is my birthday, too, but that’s secondary to the real celebration.


Jun 23

I keep seeing this billboard on the way to work if I take I-35. (Sometimes I take Broadway Extension.) I have no clue what it’s advertising, only that it’s hilarious.

(Note: I found this picture online, and it seems to be the same billboard in a different location. They’re just as mystified as to its purpose.)

Jun 20

This video is both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. And what’s even more disturbing is that I unexplicably find myself watching it once a week or so.

And yes, that is the Hoff. David Hasselhoff, that is.

Jun 18

This weekend was slightly unusual in that I somehow ended up going to the mall Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Granted, Saturday it was to go to AMC and see Nacho Libre, but still…

Friday we went shoe shopping for me, ate at El Chico, and went ahead and bought 10pm Superman Returns tickets for June 27. The movie is officially being released June 28. Fortunately for me, there’s an early showing available to the public at 10pm June 27. I got an early birthday gift from my mom that included a gift card to AMC, so I went ahead and picked up two tickets.

Saturday, I went with Brent Fuchs and his former roomie Tom to see Nacho Libre. It was hilarious. Moments that were funny in the trailer somehow managed to be even funnier in context. I highly recommend the movie. Especially take note of the scene with the surprise baptism. My favorite quote went something like “The brothers here think I don’t know about the Gospels and all that crap, but I do.”

Sunday saw us returning the shoes I bought on Friday. They were Air Nikes, and unfortunately, one of the soles ended up having a flat. Which was a huge bummer, because they were on clearance and I really liked them. We looked around at the other stores while we were there, and I couldn’t find any others that I liked.

In an unusual move, we (I) decided not to bring the stroller in, but to let Josh walk. I was also letting him ride on the escalators, which he loved. I had been holding his hand, but let him get on once without holding my hand. Big mistake, as we had a wipeout. And it was an up escalator, so he just kept falling and falling until the guy who got on after us picked him up and handed him to us. (Note: There was probably some sort of time distortion field that made it seem much longer for me than it actually lasted.)

Mostly Josh was just scared, although it turns out he did scratch his back on the edge of one of the steps (see picture below). He was crying after we got to the top. I got him partially calmed down, then informed Leann that we were going to get back down and up the escalators right away, to make sure he wasn’t scared of them. The tactic worked, and he still loved it every time we got on. I just made sure to hold his hand every other time.

Oh, one more thing. If you’re interested enough (or bored enough) that you’re still reading this, you’ll be interested (or bored) enough to enjoy hearing that Josh pottied in the toilet for the second time tonight.

Jun 18

Tim with his Superman Returns tickets for the night before the official release. Purchased June 16, 2006.

Jun 16

Wow! It’s been a crazy week trying to catch back up on T&S work after being gone for over a week. I’m going to have to work this weekend to try to get caught back up. Brent had been helping out quite a bit, but he’s pulling long, long workdays at his new “part-time” job.

Hopefully I’ll be more caught up next week. I’m hoping to finish at least two websites I have in progress next week, which will be good, because I’m due to start up at least one new one.

On an (un)related note, I played briefly with Josh in the sprinkler yesterday afternoon. The Kumor girls (all 3 of them) came over and went out back with Leann and Josh. After making some phone calls between 3:30 and 4:30, I went out and joined them. For some reason, Josh never wanted to run through the sprinkler, but after I grabbed his hand and made him go with me, he loved it. But the next time around, he still didn’t want to go. He had a great time during and after each sprinkler run, but was very apprehensive prior to each water-soaked mad dash.

Since I’m going to be working 10+ hours tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out with Josh and Leann tonight. Any suggestions on a cheap/free family activity we can do, besides going to the mall?

Jun 13

Jun 13

Week 13, Day 1

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Today is my 13 weeks mark in this long road we call pregnancy. I have no pics to post of my belly because there is nothing really to photograph. I feel that I need to wear maternity, but I probably look like a freak who found out they were pregnant and ran to put on maternity clothes. My regular clothes could probably still be worn, but I would be EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I feel my belly will grow a few inches in the next few weeks and I will have something to take a picture of for the fam. (previous stretchmarks included, sorry!)

Some people say that this week marks the entrance into the 2nd trimester, and some say I have another week to go to be in the beloved land of the 2nd semester. I just feel fat my clothes are too big. Oh well.

I had an OB appt while Tim was out of town and Cheryl graciously agreed to accompany me. I got a lot nervous when the nurse had trouble finding the hearbeat, but Dr. Glass was able to find the heartbeat on the third try (his first try) with no problem. Cheryl thinks the can determine the sex of the child by the speed of the heartbeat, and it was 160 so she thinks it is a girl. My next appointment is July 5, and I made it later in the day so Tim can meet me at the doctor’s office after work.

In other news, today at Sonshine School, Josh learned the Happy Birthday song in Chapel. Even though he was terrified by the puppets and comforted by Cheryl, he managed to listed and learn the song. He sings along really well with me, but won’t sing the entire song by himself. It was pretty cute.

That’s all for today, Belly pics to come in the near future!

Jun 13

I’m back, and pretty much recovered from what some have called Montezuma’s Revenge. I got a little bug sometime on the trip back from Nicaragua, and began to notice its effects Saturday night. It had fully kicked in Sunday during/after church, and didn’t go away until yesterday. Fun, fun.

So now I’m back at work and ready to get back into the swing of things!

We also brought back around 1,000 pounds of coffee to sell. If you don’t know the details of the Romero’s mission work, they actually have an unusual work. Most missionaries are paid to be preachers. David and Kim are paid, instead, to be coffee farmers. They package and sell the coffee, and the profits from that go back into the farm and into the church’s work.

Their mission work is rare in that it will be financially self-supporting within 3-5 years. How often do you hear that? There’s only one catch. Their coffee has to sell.

The coffee is $6 per bag. The great thing is that not only are you supporting their work, but you’re actually getting fantastic coffee. This is gourmet coffee. Their coffee is the first from that area of Nicaragua to be sold in the states.

If you’re interested in buying any, feel free to shoot me an email at tim@thepriebes.com

[b”>Coffee bags get loaded into the back of David Romero’s truck[/b”>
Photo courtesy of Dustin Risley