Jul 27

Although uncooperative at first, the kiddo finally let us manuever him (and us) into place where we could see the goods. The offending picture is first, then a good profile one.

He actually moved his limbs a few times while he was on the screen. It was pretty cool. I don’t remember being able to see Josh this clearly in his ultrasound.

Jul 27

This was a good profile ultrasound picture of Jackson.

Jul 27

This is the ultrasound of Jackson’s penis, from underneath.

Jul 27

And this one has KITT in it. Though it’s apparently the European version of Kitt.


Jul 27

Leann told me a funny story yesterday about Josh. Yesterday morning, Leann and Josh went to Target. Leann hadn’t mentioned to Josh where they were going. As they pulled into the Lowes parking lot (right next to Target), Josh began to complain about Target and informed Leann that he didn’t want to go there, he wanted to go to Wal-Mart.


It’s been crazy busy around the Priebe house lately, which is why it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. I’ve been really busy with T&S, which is a good thing. (Don’t worry, I’m taking time off for the family as well.) Leann and Josh have been excitedly anticipating their trip to Texas, New Mexico, and some other state I’m forgetting. They’ll be travelling with my mom. Feel free to ask Josh about his trip with Nana. He’s very excited, and keeps talking about it.

Speaking of excitedly anticipating, it’s only about 7 hours until we found out if we’re having a boy or a girl. Our appointment was at 3:15, but got moved up to 2:15, so now I have to get off work early. Something about there being a hole in the ultrasound girl’s schedule, and if there’s a hole, she apparently just leaves and doesn’t come back. Really professional…

Jul 13

The two verses are ‘Noah put the puppies in’ and ‘Noah closed the door.’ Even though God closed the door.

Jul 13

I thought I would share this with any of you who did not know. There is a prayer request right now on PlaceOfPrayer.org that relates to this. I left a comment about this there, but thought I would expand on it here. (Please visit the prayer request and say a quick prayer for that family.)

June 26, 1978. The doctors gave my mother alcohol to try to delay my birth. I was not due for another three months. The next morning (as my mom tells it), I wasn’t moving much because I had a hang-over. (This was the last time I was to have any alcohol. Largely due to a history of alcoholics in my family, but that’s another story.)

On June 27, 1978, I was born three months too early. I weighed 2.5 pounds. I had a 30% chance of surviving. Of course, as I’m blogging this, I did beat the odds and survived. The whole ordeal put my parents through a lot of stress. I think it would have been much more difficult for them to go through the subsequent premature birth of my sister Sarah who did not make it, much less my sister Hannah, who was stillborn. (I do have an adopted sister, Rebekah, who is also a fantastic aunt.)

God has a plan for everyone. In 1996, I started college at Oklahoma Christian University. Just a couple of months into my freshman year, I met my wife-to-be, Leann. (Leann Bailey at the time.) At that time, Leann was senior.

My first semester in college, I did very poorly. My parents had already told me that they would not continue to support my college career if I did poorly at all. So they withdrew their financial support after my very first semester. However, largely because I had just started dating Leann that November, I decided to stay in college and pay for it myself.

Leann and I went on to get married on December 20, 1997. After being married a few years, we decided to start trying to have children. After several years of tests, fertility drugs, switching doctors back and forth, and lots of praying, we finally got pregnant. On April 20, 2004, Joshua Ryan Priebe was born. And currently, Leann is pregnant with our second child, due on December 19, 2006.

Had I been born on time, none of this would have happened. If I had been born on time, I would have started kindergarten one year later. I would have started at OC in 1997, had I gone to OC at all. I never would have married Leann, and Josh and our unborn child would never have existed.

God has a plan for everyone. Please pray for this family as they are going through an early birth as well.

Jul 11

Have a brochure and want a website? Get a free website. Limited time offer.

Jul 08

I just ran across some pictures I took awhile back of some Potato Head creations of mine and Josh’s. So of course, I created a Potato Head Picture Gallery.

Jul 08


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This is basically the “normal” Mr Potato Head, like the one in Toy Story.