Sep 28

Familiar Design?

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Does the design of this site look familiar?

I admit, I just found a template I really liked and downloaded it and only modified the header. Still, it was really weird when I ran into that site. I had not seen any other sites before that used the same template I did.

They did take out the MetaTools we have at the top, but left the space there. Weird.

By the way, if you click the middle color icon up there on the MetaTools toolbar, it will change to the scheme closest to that other site’s. That’s also one of two of the headers that I haven’t yet edited. I’m saving one for Jackson and one for Leann. The black one is mine, and the dark blue is obviously Josh.

Sep 25

This is pretty funny.

Sep 24

Josh and I goofed around a bit in front of the webcam today and took some pictures.

Sep 24

Tim and Josh goofing around in front of the webcam.

Sep 24

Josh is cool!

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Josh looking cool in his hat and glasses.

Sep 20

Well, today’s my final day in Dallas. After class is over today, I’ll be heading back up to Oklahoma.

Yesterday’s class was much better than Monday’s, in that I learned three hours or so worth of new material. From reading the table of contents in our notebook, I expect to get about five or so hours of new information today. We’ll see how it goes.

Last night I went out with a couple of other people who are in the class. We went to a theater here in the Dallas area that serves dinner in a movie theater. It was pretty good food, and a decent movie. We saw The Illusionist with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. Personally, I saw the ending coming a mile away, but it was still pretty good.

Sep 18

Well, I’m in Dallas right now for some training (MySQL) for work. I got here yesterday afternoon. My dad made the hour and a half round trip to pick me up and took me back to their neighborhood for their Pointe Groups. Instead of having church on Sunday nights, North Pointe Church of Christ (where my parents are members) get together for dinner and then do something else, which isn’t always a Bible study. This time it was a 55 minute video on why Churches of Christ don’t have instrumental music in services, followed by a brief discussion of the video.

I then briefly went over to Mom and Dad’s house (the get-together was at another church member’s house who lives in the same neighborhood). I mainly went to have Dad print something out for me, which I promptly forgot. Ah, well. Dad then made the hour and a half round trip to drop me back off at the motel. Thanks, Dad!

Today was the first 7 hour (or so) training session. The class is, so far, a little more elemental than I orginally thought. I learned maybe 20 minutes worth of stuff today. Looking ahead in the table of contents, I should learn a couple of hours worth of stuff tomorrow, then learn mostly new stuff on Wednesday, the last day.

I had a big Mexican food lunch today, so I’m now going out to the motel lobby to get some free popcorn before coming back in here to work on T&S stuff. Fun, fun.

Sep 12

I should really do something more useful with my lunch break…

My Monkey Kick Off Challenge

Updated 10-4 with new high score.

Sep 08 launched their Amazon Unbox service. Neat concept, but there’s a few downsides.

1. You can only view them with The Amazon Unbox Video Player.
2. You can’t make a DVD. (Technically, you can, but you can still only view it on your computer with their player.
3. It doesn’t work on Mac.

Number 3 makes all the other points moot for me anyway, as it won’t make a difference. Theoretically Apple will launch their iTunes version of this next week. I’ll have to wait until then, I guess. Unless I want to just rent something to watch during lunch at work.

Sep 07