Oct 31

Days 15-22

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Wow. A lackluster 1 pound this week. That means I’m really going to have to haul it for this last week and a half to lose the last 3 pounds. Or be really careful, anyway.

10-24 – 171.5
10-25 – 171.5
10-26 – 170.5
10-27 – 170.5
10-28 – 171.0
10-29 – 171.0
10-30 – ???
10-31 – 170.5

Oct 26

I’m a big nerd. Or geek. Or whatever you want to call it. I’m always interested in hearing the latest news about computers, gadgets, and electronics. The latest in technology interests me to no end. As such, news sites about such things interest me as well.

I also like efficiency. So any news site that can quickly bring me info on those subjects that interest me is a good thing. I have had two main sources. Slashdot, a “traditional” tech news site and Reddit, a social bookmarking site that has lots of tech news. Today, mere moments ago, I deleted my long-standing bookmark of Slashdot.

I’ve been noticing a recent trend. Every time I went to Slashdot, I’d already read most of the news on their front page. It was, of course, from links on Reddit. I visited it less and less over time.

Social bookmarking is here to stay.

Oct 23

Days 8-14

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I’m not sure what happened on the 19th, but I found I had gained 2 pounds the next day. Weird. Well, it’s all about averaging it over time, anyway.

The two days in question marks were in Dallas. I actually pretty much went off the diet then, although I did still watch my portion sizes.

10-17 – 174
10-18 – 172
10-19 – 172
10-20 – 174
10-21 – ???
10-22 – ???
10-23 – 172.5

Oct 19

This is not the type of thing I normally blog about, but I thought I would anyway.

We’re told constantly by the media that we’re a nation living in fear ever since 9/11. But are we?

Of course what happened on 9/11 is bad. Osama Bin Laden is a bad guy, as is Saddam Hussein. I’m grateful for the jobs our soldiers are doing right now. But I’m no more living in fear now than I was on 9-10-2001. Maybe that means I’m oblivious to the reality of the world-wide situation. Maybe it means the government is doing its job. (The media would disagree with that one.)

Even on 9/11, I wasn’t fearful. I prayed for those directly and indirectly affected. I knew the United States was going to be a different place. But I was never fearful.

Maybe it’s just because I rarely fly. Maybe it’s because of my faith in God. Maybe it’s some combination of those things.

Am I the only one who isn’t living in fear?

Maybe the media just needs to stop assuming it knows how I feel.

Oct 16

As exciting as daily diet updates are (not), I decided to change to weekly info instead.

You can see that I ate quite a bit on Saturday the 14th. Leann’s parents took us out to TGIFriday’s. I had a Chicken Caesar Salad, but it was huge. I also had a few of their fried green beans (a new appetizer), which were excellent. Josh even liked them.

On the downside, I only biked once last week. I’m 99.9% done on my big project, although I’m sure the client will have some changes when I meet with him on Wednesday. But hopefully my time will be a bit more freed up, with time to bike.

  • 10-10 – 181.5
  • 10-11 – 177.5
  • 10-12 – ???
  • 10-13 – 174
  • 10-14 – 174
  • 10-15 – 174.5
  • 10-16 – 173.5
Oct 13

30 weeks, 3 days

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Less than 10 weeks until Jackson is to arrive! Abby Kumor tells me that at christmas time, Santa and Jackson are coming! I hope they don’t come together in the sleigh! I need to post a belly pic, because the belly is definately there. I have been watching the Kumor girls for the past 3 days and I am very tired. I told someone at work that I had made my decision that I didn’t want 3 kids, but I guess I still need to think about it. Today is my last day to watch them all day and it has been pretty smooth. I woke up on time, got Abby to and from school on time, and even made it to the bank and target on my errands. No big deal! More to post later.

Oct 13

After a killer week with over 20 hours already worked on T&S (I don’t have the numbers in front of me), I’m taking tonight off. Saturday, I’ll probably work about 8 hours or so, while also painting Josh’s new room. Hopefully at that point I’ll be more or less done, with Sunday-Tuesday to put the finishing touches on there.

I’m ready for this project to be over! Of course, after it, I have another one due a week later for the same organization. But its deadline is much, much more flexible.

Oct 13

Day 4

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Man, I had a lot of calories yesteday. Ah, well. I seem to be losing weight anyway.

Weight: 174 lb
Breakfast: Blueberry NutriGrain Cereal Bar (150 cal)
(Planned) Lunch: Poppyseed Chicken (abt 450 cal)
(Planned) Dinner: ???
(Planned) Exercise: 20 minutes on the stationary bike.

Oct 12

I forgot to weigh myself this morning. Doh!

Weight: ???? lb
Breakfast: Blueberry NutriGrain Cereal Bar (150 cal)
Lunch: Poppyseed Chicken (abt 450 cal), Can of Vault Zero (0 cal)
Dinner: 1 Sonic Burger (577 cal)
Exercise: Was hoping for 20 minutes on the stationary bike, but didn’t do any.
Extra: 1/2 can Dr Pepper (75 cal) and some Triscuits (160 cal). And the drink was so worth it.

Oct 11

I have a big T&S project due next Wednesday. i did two things wrong. First, I waited too long to get started on it. Then, I was delusional and assigned the programming of the project to my new part-timer, Luke. Who’s just learning the programming language we use. And who works 5 hours a week.

So I’ve been working my rear off to get it done on time now. I’m on schedule, but way behind on sleep. I went to bet at 2am Monday night, then 1am last night. Luckily (I guess) I overslept and was an hour late for work this morning, so there’s a little sleep back.

But that’s my explanation for the coffee I mentioned in my weight loss post. Because sometimes you need coffee to keep from passing out. And this is one of those times.