Nov 29

Well, my web work has slowed down. Not to where I’m hurting for work, just to the point that I have time to sleep now. I’m actually to the point where I don’t have any more deadlines this week until Saturday.

Last night for Leann’s birthday, we ate Wingstop. I swear to you that I didn’t even suggest it, she came up with the idea. I think Cheryl told her that spicy food can help her dilate and bring on labor.

Speaking of which, we went to Leann’s doctor this past Monday hoping to schedule an induction. Unfortunately (I guess), she wasn’t dilated at all, so they wouldn’t let us schedule anything. So I’m thinking we should have spicy food all week so we’ll be guaranteed we can schedule a date next week.

Of course, if we still can’t, it may be to late to deliver early at that point. We’re hoping to deliver on December 11. As I understand it, Leann is currently 37 weeks, which is considered full term. She’s ready to be done, and I’m ready for the new kiddo. Plus the six weeks I get off work for paternity leave. Paid.

So if any of you have been feeling the need to secretly come over to our house and try to jump out and scare Leann in an attempt to induce labor, it’s finally okay. You know who you are. (Gees, Kumors)

Nov 27

No Baby Yet….

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Just to let everyone know, I am 37 weeks (well, tomorrow) and at my doctor’s appointment today, I found out that I am at a whopping ZERO!! I could have sworn that I was at least a 4 from all the pressure!!! I have another appointment next Tuesday, and hopefully since I will be closer to term (38 weeks) or somewhat dilated, we can schedule my induction…..keep your fingers crossed for approximately Dec 11 or 12 to be Jackson’s birthday!! More info to come….

Nov 14

Global Rich List

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Find out what percentage of the world your income puts you.

Nov 12

Well, we moved Josh into his new room a week or so ago. He loves it! We were expecting the first night to be hard, partially because he also now has a full size bed. However, he slept all the way through. He’s pretty much been fine with it.

(Side note: I installed a new comment filter to get rid of spam. If you could, leave a comment on this post and let me know via email if it gets through or not. Thanks!)

Nov 07

I made it!

What have I discovered along this journey? Perhaps the most annoying thing is that once you start posting about weight loss on your blog, you start getting a lot of blog spam. I plan on implementing a comment filter where you have to enter a number or something to post.

I learned that eating better and less is the key to weight loss, not just one or the other. On the other hand, increasing the amount I eat now doesn’t even seem that necessary, and I have actually liked eating grapes, fat-free Triscuits and other similar items for snacks.

Two of the things I’ve missed is a daily soft drink and buttered, salted popcorn. I will probably relegate both of those items to Friday-Sunday from now on.

One of the things that Kim Romero and I talked about while she was here was eating healthy. One specific thing is that if you eat healthy all the time, you can eat snack/junk food at parties and it won’t really hurt you at all. I’m thinking that’s the stance I’ll take from now on.

I’d still like to get down to 155 or so, but I will probably take it a bit slower. It would be nice if I lose another 10 pounds or so by the end of the year.

11-7 – 168.5
11-8 – 168.5
11-9 – 167.5
11-10 – 167

Nov 06

Days 23-28

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Four days left, and I still have 2.5 pounds to go…

11-1 – 169
11-2 – 170
11-3 – 170.5
11-4 – 169
11-5 – 169
11-6 – 170

Nov 01

Last week, Ellis asked our church class about things our kids prayed for. I mentioned ABC’s, which Josh prays for every night. Well, he finally topped that. In the middle of his prayer last night, Josh’s finger drifted into his nose. Inspired, he added to his list of thank-yous, “And my boogers.”

I had to stifle a laugh.

(I’ll avoid the temptation to put an appropriate picture here)