Jan 30

Well, I started back to work yesterday after my six weeks off for paternity leave. I thought it would be weird to be back after that long off, but it really didn’t. It just seemed like things were back to normal.

We’ve got a lot going on in our lives right now. One of the bigger things is that my sister, Rebekah, is planning on getting married on April 28 in Hawaii. We hope she will move out there ASAP so she and Mike (her fiance) can get to know each other even better before the wedding. In fact, we honestly hope she postpones the wedding a few months so she and Mike have time to date some more. It’s a proven fact that dating longer before getting married helps the marriage go easier.

But either way, congrats, Rebekah and Mike!

Oh, did I mention the wedding is in Hawaii? At first we weren’t going to go, then we were and now we just aren’t sure. If we do go, we’ll probably just make a week-long (plus the following Monday) vacation out of it. But we have not decided yet. It’s very expensive to fly a family of four out to Hawaii! We would love to go. Hopefully we’ll decide before ticket prices go up…

Sorry, no new pictures of Jackson on the blog yet. Maybe I can get Leann to blog and post some, but she’s busy getting everything together for T&S’s taxes and the same for our own taxes. What an awesome wife!

Jan 12

Okay, I was just going through my YouTube videos and realized I forgot to ever post these two. The first is Josh dumping out his pumpkin full of candy after Halloween. The second is Josh emptying his own trash. He often does that just randomly on his own, although this video was obviously staged.

Jan 12

Apparently I’m a blogging fool today. Here’s Josh in his new Superman pajamas flying (well, running) around the room. With soundtrack goodness.

Jan 11

It was bad enough when I had some sort of sinus infection a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, I got a Z-Pack that time and felt better within 24 hours. But then Leann got sick with some 24-hour sinus thing, and after that I got sick again. Only mine wasn’t a 24-hour thing like Leann’s. So I went back to the doctor, and apparently he couldn’t prescribe a Z-Pack again so soon after the last one. So I’m on some much slower acting medicine. It’s been about a day and a half since I saw the doctor, and I’m just now starting to feel a little better.

Unfortunately, Jackson seems to have something as well. At the minimum, he has congestion. It seems that I may have waited too long to start sleeping on the couch. Leann called the doctor yesterday, but she may be calling again in a half hour or so to see if we need to bring him in or not. I definitely hope he feels better.

We had planned on leaving today around noon for Dallas, but since Jackson and I are under the weather, we’re putting the trip off a week. That will actually also help us miss some bad weather while traveling.

Hey, this is the first post of the new year! Whoo-hoo!