Feb 27

Inspired by the recent post Dustin (Dopps, not Risley) made about his daughter throwing up, I thought I’d mention Josh’s recent puking adventure.

Josh and I are both neat freaks. Yesterday when he ate too quickly (we assume) and gagged himself, he threw up. He immediately began crying and telling us, “My shirt is yucky!” Only my son would not complain about how throwing up felt terrible, but about how his shirt was so messy.

I jumped up and quickly took it off and ran it into the laundry room. Upon returning, Josh was still crying. My neat-freakiness caused me to hesitate a moment before giving him a big hug and assuring him it was okay. He got plopped into the bathtub and Leann briefly watched him while I went and changed shirts.

In the end, Josh felt fine. He was much more upset about not getting any candy after pottying on the toilet later than he was about the whole throwing up thing. I saved him some Pop Rocks.

Speaking of Pop Rocks, Josh and I hung out on Saturday while Leann and Jackson went to a child-care seminar. We ended up going to the mall. I didn’t know it didn’t open until 10, so when we showed up a little before 10, Josh got to play in the play area. I actually liked it much better than normal, because the kids-that-are-too-big-to-be-in-there-but-their-parents-are-irresponsible weren’t there yet.

After running into a college buddy of mine (Hi, Ken!), we went to the book store, where I picked up a new fantasy book. We also hit the candy store, where we bought the previously mentioned Pop Rocks, plus some Finding Nemo candy. We also went to the “Micky Mouse Store” where Josh played with $5 play cell phones for 10 minutes solid. I had spotted some clearanced $0.99 mugs, and was purchasing them when I saw some discounted models of the toy cell phones by the register. So Josh got to pick one of those.

Funny story related to that… Josh had put his cell phone in his pocket (like Daddy) and we had just finished eating in the food court. He decided he wanted to take the stairs instead of the escalator back up. Somehow his phone, which makes noise, had come open in his pocket. So each time he took a step, it made a funny beeping noise. It made it look like he was a little video game character. Josh and I were both cracking up.

Feb 21

Unknown to me (Leann caught it), feedback on our site had not been working. I believe I’ve fixed it, but if you could leave feedback to help me test, that would be great.

To make it interesting, answer this question:

What was your favorite television show growing up and why? (If you can’t/won’t pick a favorite, just mention some random one you liked.)

And please leave feedback even if there’s already some. The issue that we were having was that feedback worked from some computers and not others. Again, that should be fixed.

If leaving feedback does not work, please contact me (pick Tim from category) and let me know.

BTW, I have it on good authority* that the television pictured here is one that Jason Smith watched back when television was first invented.

* Myself

Feb 17

After a year or so of not being updated, I have finally uploaded new DVDs. I lost my old software when I got my Mac, and finally got some new software at the end of December. Today I finally figured out how to export the movie list and pull it in to the existing blog look here.

Anyway, check out the DVD Collection, complete with pictures.

Feb 17

In Priebe Family Pictures, there’s three new pictures. Jackson smiling, Josh checking his email on his Superman computer, and Josh working with me on a web site.

Feb 17

Jackson smiling

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We discovered that if he’s in the mood, Jackson will smile if you touch his chin with one finger.

Feb 17

Josh and Jackson taking their first bath together.

Feb 17

Josh got one of those Superman computers that plays games for Christmas. He likes to pretend with it…

Feb 17

You do know that T&S Web Design stands for Tim & Sons, right? Well, I decided it was high time Josh pulled his own weight.

Feb 14

Since over on my business blog, I just finished posting the top five reasons I love the Internet, I figured I’d better post here ten reasons I love my wife. (Because I love her at least twice as much as I love the Internet.)

These are, of course, in no particular order.

1. Leann takes care of our two children all day long. I hung out with both of the boys for four hours last Saturday night, feeding them, bathing them and putting Josh to bed. Man, that was far from easy. I don’t see how Leann does it.

2. Leann’s hilarious. If you know her at all, you know this. She cracks me up.

3. She’s not afraid to fart in front of me. I’m not really sure what it says that this is number three on my list. Probably something about me, not Leann…

4. Leann put up with my five (or so) year long hobby of painting and sculpting on action figures. Man, that really sounds like a nerdy hobby now. (Nothing like designing web sites.)

5. She supports me in my business and is proud of what we’ve accomplished with it.

6. She can cook. No, really. To facilitate my pitching in some with cooking, a few months back I made a list of things I could cook if she didn’t feel like making supper. I’m pretty sure there was less than ten things on the list. Probably half that many.

7. Leann’s a Christian.

8. She’s hot. Seriously, can you believe she gave birth just two months ago?

9. She watches television with me. This sounds weird, but we have very different tastes in television shows. Even so, throughout the years we’ve always managed to find some shows we both like, then watch them until they’re canceled. Our current favorites include The Office and My Name is Earl. Snap!

10. She still loves me, even after (almost) ten years. This December we’ll celebrate our ten year anniversary. The fact that she’s put up with my shortcomings and still loves me is nothing short of a miracle.

Happy valentine’s day, Leann!

Feb 02

So I ordered a refurbished MacBook Pro laptop from Apple, which arrived yesterday. Actually two arrived, but that’s another story. So when I got home yesterday, Josh (about 2 3/4 years old now) excitedly greeted me, ran to the front door where Leann had left the boxes, and informed me that I had a box and needed to open it.

Leann then told Josh to tell me what was in the box. To which he replied, “It’s a… computer!” very energetically. Neither Leann nor I had told him what it was, or that we were even getting a new computer.

I asked him how he knew it was a computer and he (literally) pointed out the Apple logo on the box. That’s when I realized that Josh was going to grow up without knowing Windows. It brought a little tear to my eye.

A tear of joy, of course.