Jul 31

I’m very excited because my book is now out! It will be as long as two months before it shows up on Amazon.com, but you can still buy it here:


Jul 25
Jul 25
Jul 20

1. I like Star Trek
2. I own my own web design business
3. Today I told my boss I was quitting to do my web design business full-time
4. I’ve written a book that’s getting close to being published.
5. I had an 1983 Buick Park Avenue in high school
6. My parents wouldn’t let me take my car to college
7. They later sold my car and applied the money towards my college debt
8. I was in chess club in middle school
9. I got kicked out of the chess club
10. In middle school, I drew pictures of the Simpsons characters and sold them
11. In middle school and high school I edited and published my own Star Trek magazine
12. I like wings
13. I love my kids
14. I love my wife
15. I love God
16. I love praying with Josh at night when he goes to bed
17. My iPhone is awesome
18. I have a student worker
19. I gained back all the weight I lost last year, and then some
20. I’m in terrible physical shape
21. I’ve never drank any alcohol
22. In high school, my favorite color was purple
23. I played trumpet in high school
24. I played baritone in high school
25. I love running my own business
26. I’m nervous about quitting my job to do my web design business full time
27. I like Superman
28. I collected action figures until I was 27
29. I grew up in Dallas
30. I once rode a bicycle 100 miles in a day
31. I once rode a bicycle from Oklahoma City to Tulsa in two days
32. I make myself get up early because I feel more productive that way
33. I’m naturally a night owl, but feel less productive late at night
34. I almost always go to sleep after Leann
35. I created my first web site in 1998
36. My wife is awesome
37. I got beat up a lot in middle school (perhaps related to the chess club, who knows)
38. Josh and I get up almost every Saturday morning and cook eggs
39. I use a Mac
40. I love going to the movies
41. I love watching DVDs
42. I have somewhere around 200 DVDs
43. I bought software specifically for keeping track of my DVD collection
44. I like science fiction movies
45. I like science fiction novels
46. A friend and I once created a back story for an entire sci-fi universe so we would have a setting for just about any sci-fi story we’d ever want to write
47. I’ve never written a single story set in that universe. (To the best of my knowledge, neither has he)
48. I’m 29
49. I like Hawaiian shirts
50. My home office has one red wall
51. I wish I had a Nintendo Wii
52. I wish I had time to play a Nintendo Wii
53. I wish I had a kayak
54. I wish I had a smaller house with less stuff
55. I’m happy with two kids
56. I wish I studied the Bible more
57. I wish I prayed more
58. I want a red car
59. I was born 3 months premature
60. If I’d been born on time, I would have entered school one year later and not met Leann in college
61. I met Leann at Memorial Road after church one Sunday night
62. I’ve attended church at Memorial Road maybe three times
63. Leann and I got married at Wilshire Church of Christ
64. I was really, really skinny when I got married
65. I find monkeys hilarious
66. I like Bruce Willis movies
67. I love Dr. Pepper
68. I get kidney stones
69. I have high blood pressure
70. I take medicine daily for my high blood pressure
71. I take medicine daily for my stomach
72. I wish I’d been able to go to Nicaragua on Edmond’s mission trip this year
73. I get frustrated with Josh more often than I’d like
74. I don’t get Leann flowers enough
75. I got Leann flowers today
76. I don’t get enough sleep
77. Our cats drive me crazy
78. I’ve brainwashed my 3-year-old into loving Superman
79. I always carry business cards with me
80. I wish I had less keys on my key ring
81. I like Target better than Wal Mart
82. I like learning about different businesses
83. When Josh was a baby, I frequently woke up during the night to burp him
84. I never wake up when Jackson wakes up during the night
85. Leann and I sleep on a king size bed
86. My backyard is too small
87. I’ve lived in my house two years and still haven’t enclosed my backyard
88. I hate mowing
89. I hire out my yard work
90. I despise home owner associations
91. I’m a technology nerd
92. Okay, I’m an overall nerd
93. I want Lasik but can’t afford it
94. I have a TiVO and love it
95. I like Back to the Future
96. I never went to any dance in school
97. I smoked Menthols once in middle school and liked them
98. I’ve never smoked since
99. I wear my Superman ring way more often than my wedding ring (my fingers swell up and the Superman ring is bigger)
100. When I was in elementary school I could honk my ears

Now you do it!

Jul 20

Well, Josh finally went a whole day and stayed dry. I think he actually wore a pull-up part of the day and underwear the rest, but he was dry the whole day. We’d promised him he would get his own “red car” to drive down the street in. Abby and Jillian Kumor (or Abby-Jilly as he calls them) have a pink Jeep, and now Josh has his own as well.

Of course, he still doesn’t understand how to steer. Abby helps him when she rides with him, as you can see in the picture below…

Jul 17

100 Things about me

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1. My first name is Meria (pronounced MARIA)
2. I love my husband
3. I have 2 boys and I love them beyond words
4. I love my parents, they rock
5. I love my in-laws, they are not outlaws
6. My roommate in college was Kim Walden
7. I am a Pampers Mom
8. I miss my grandparents who has passed on
9. Jackson is learning to crawl
10. Tim was my first kiss
11. Tim was my first boyfriend
12. Tim was my first fiancee
13. Tim is my only husband
14. I miss my sister in law, and wish she would move back to Texas
15. I am excited about her marriage to Mike and their baby on the way
16. I am excited I am going to be an aunt
17. I am nervous about Tim’s business future
18. I love my mini-van
19. I am trying to buy Tim a new car…….help please, Nathan?
20. I am excited about the toy Hummer that we bought Josh last night
21. I am from Norman, OK
22. I had never moved before I went to college
23. I want be debt free
24. I don’t think that will happen soon
25. I wish I had a van with rear air and electronic doors
26. My van is paid off
27. Tim’s car is paid off
28. I got Tim’s car appraised yesterday at Carmax, and it was pretty sad
29. Josh is at Sonshine School right now
30. I need to get Jackson’s 6 month pics taken today, he turns 7 months tomorrow
31. I forgot what day Jackson’s birthday was, thought it was the 20th like Josh’s and thought I had a few more days to get his pics done
32. I like bookkeeping
33. I worked at OC for 6 years
34. I worked in the physical plant with a bunch of guys, and I loved it
35. I don’t miss the politics of OC
36. I have never been to an OU game
37. I graduated from OC with a BBA
38. I graduated in 4 years from OC
39. I met Tim at Memorial Road
40. I haven’t decided if I want another child
41. I don’t know how to blog with pictures
42. My best friend is Cheryl Kumor
43. She is also my neighbor
44. I am watching her kids right now
45. I love breastfeeding my babies
46. I breastfed Josh until he was 14 months old
47. I love to go on trips
48. I love to spend time in Dallas
49. I am not very good at sending “Thank You” notes….sorry
50. I want to go to Disney World
51. I love to go out to eat
52. I like to cook
53. I LOVE Diet Coke
54. I LOVE Sonic Diet Coke
55. I worry about my kids
56. I hope and pray that my kids will grow up to be Christians
57. I cannot stand the thought of someone hurting them or them being hurt
58. I am copying off Audrey Mauck and my friend Paul Kelsey
59. I need to go to Norman more often
60. I am the Purell queen
61. I absolutely the hate gas prices right now
62. I love dressing my boys alike
63. I hate potty training
64. I LOVE pedicures
65. I have never had a massage
66. I would love to have one
67. I live at Wal-Mart (not really, but it feels like it)
68. I went to 3 Wal-Mart’s yesterday looking for the Hummer
69. I like anything with Steve Carrell
70. I have a hard time falling asleep if Tim is asleep before me
71. I need to decorate my house
72. I love my new living room furniture
73. I test drove a car today
74. I am an only child
75. I had a miscarriage before Josh
76. I just drove by myself
77. I was born in Norman, OK
78. My parents still live in the same house they brought me home to
79. I was baptized when I was 16
80. I got married when I was 23
81. My mom got married at 23
82. I am older than Tim, by 3.5 years
83. I would have never met Tim if he hadn’t been born early
84. my maiden name is Bailey
85. I was born on Thanksgiving day
86. I have been married for 9 years
87. Tim and I dated for 13 months
88. I have a myspace account www.myspace.com/priebechick
89. I have only dated one person
90. Josh was born on his Aunt’s birthday
91. I have lived in 3 apartments
92. I have lived in 3 houses
93. I try to budget wisely
94. I don’t read my Bible as often as I should
95. I made dinner tonight
96. I like Rachael Ray
97. I like frugal tips and tricks
98. I am a coupon clipper
99. I had really great pregnancies
100. I am not pregnant right now

That’s it! I’m done!!! Now you can try it!!!

Jul 15

This is a quick one. Josh recently has started saying “Goodness!” Leann and I think it’s pretty funny. So the other day we were all in the car, and I said, “Josh, say ‘Goodness.'”

To which he replied, “Goodness.” After a short pause, he rebutted with, “Daddy, say ‘Sonic.'”

He’s his mother’s boy.

Jul 15