Aug 29

In mid-August, Jackson started taking baths without the assistance of his infant bath chair.

Aug 29

Josh created this particular Potato Head entirely on his own, without any guidance. Note that despite the lack of eyes, feet and even one of his arms, Mr. Head still has a Mickey Mouse doll.

Aug 29

Jackson pulls up

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Here’s Jackson pulling up on the side of his crib for the first time, mere minutes after Leann lowered the mattress in preparation for this very event.

Aug 15

Okay, maybe not all I want. But as of late, I have had a difficult time each Christmas making a list of things I want. So here’s the first item on this year’s list.

Aug 10

That is to say, it now appears that much of the recent media sensationalism referred to as global warming appears to be a result of a Y2K bug that caused temperatures previously on record to be reported as lower than the actually were.

Full story here.

Aug 09

Jackson sat by himself in an upright position today. He can crawl and put himself in a weird GQ sideways position, but he did it sitting up straight today!! YEA!

Aug 08

I thought they were going to let me know when they started listing my book, but I just discovered it on

Here’s the link.

Very exciting!

Aug 07

Note: This is not an announcement of any sort. Just thought it was funny.

Aug 02

After planning it in my head for months, Nick and I sat down this week and started writing out on paper the plans for a new project, I’m a big advocate of getting as many churches online as possible, and I think this will be an easy and affordable way to do so.

We’re planning on 30 days free with a $14.95/month fee after that. There will be space for pictures, unlimited pages available, and plenty more. At least, that’s what the plans are currently.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to get the site going within a month or so.

Interested in knowing when it launches? I’ll probably post something here, but you can also go over to and sign up to be notified by email when it launches.