Sep 19

Well, it’s been just over a month now since I quit the relative security of working at the Oklahoma Bar Association and started working on T&S Web Design full time. It seems to be going well so far. Though I still need to compare the numbers to the projected numbers for month #1, I do know that we had planned on no new clients in the first month, and got two anyway. So that’s fantastic.

I did end up having to make some unplanned software purchases to the tune of $2,700, but it should all average out.

Dealing with kids coming in and out, making noise and wanting to spend time with Daddy continues to be a challenge. I’m sure it will be for as long as I office out of the house, but we’ll all get more used to it.

One of the things I finally figured out is that just because I had the freedom to run errands whenever I felt like it didn’t mean I should do so. I was randomly getting up and leaving the house to go do something, and it was seriously breaking up my work day. It may seem elementary to all you parents who already had that freedom, but I finally figured out to just group my errands together. Duh!

My two student workers (hi, Nick and Emily) are working out fantastic. Nick worked for me all summer (10 hrs/week), but Emily is a new addition. I do find myself wishing they could work more like 20 hours a week, but I’m taking what I can get so far.

Leann seems to be appreciative of having me at home. It definitely helps that I can take a break when it’s more convenient now. Just today, I took most of the day off and we went to a doctor’s appointment and to the mall. Before quitting, that would have been much more inconvenient.

One of the things I was warned about by various people in various ways was to make sure I take care of myself. It would be too easy to work way too much and lose sleep and let health/hygiene go. I have been keeping a fairly regular sleep schedule, biking on the stationary bike, cutting back on soft drinks and even dieting.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue on this journey. Only God knows where this will take us!

Sep 18

Okay, I officially started a Christmas List 2007 category for blog entries. My mom has been known to ask for Christmas lists as early as February. Okay, so I don’t specifically remember her ever asking that early, but it wouldn’t actually surprise me.

I’m normally pretty bad about thinking of things I want for myself (vs things T&S needs to buy), but here’s a few random things I’ve thought of already.

1. USB Pocket Knife

See previous blog entry

2. External SATA (Serial ATA) Hard Drive (or enclosure + hard drive)

This is for the TiVo. Turns out there’s a built in hack (meaning you just use your remote) where you can connect a SATA drive to the back of your TiVo and then push some remote control buttons and it expands your TiVo’s storage space automatically. This would be very cool. I’m thinking half a terabyte or so would be nice. 🙂

3. Firefox cap

Firefox rocks.

4. NES Advantage

While it may seem odd to ask for a controller 20 odd years after it was released, I’m putting it on the list nonetheless, with a reason. A few months back, the SuperArcade that I built with the gracious help of others had to be moved out to the garage when we redecorated my home office. Well, the computer in there bit the dust after several months of being out in the summer heat. So now when I want to play video games, I break out my USB Nintendo controller hub and my original Nintendo controller.

Alas, that’s only good for Nintendo games. The NES Advantage, however, would be good for most arcade games I’d like to play. most notably Galaga.

Mom (or whomever), you might try searching eBay.

More to come later…