Apr 29

Jackson as Blue

Apr 28

I was asking my student workers today what song I should buy from iTunes. One of them recommended Knights of Cydonia by a group called Muse. I decided to cheat and listen to the whole song on the music video on YouTube, only to discover it is the best music video I’ve ever seen. It has everything: Cowboys, martial arts, lasers, robots, and more. Check it out.


Apr 28

Several weeks ago, a server upgrade caused no problems on any of my clients’ sites, yet managed to cause problems on a couple of my sites. The Priebes.com was one of those sites, leaving Leann and myself unable to blog.

Well, I’ve switched us over to a different blogging platform I’d started using for clients awhile back. I’m still tweaking some of the old posts as I get a chance, but other than that, we’re back up!