Jun 24

I have been an unfaithful follower at Tan and Tone America until Melanie and I decided to get our butts in gear and workout on Sonshine School days after we drop off our boys. I was dreading to be measured to see if I had any results since my initial measurement, but today I finally took the plunge to see what the damage was! I wasn’t expecting anything big, but I think 7 inches is pretty good for an unfaithful follower. Can you imagine if I got on a schedule and drank the appropriate amount of water per day? I am so excited! Yea me!

Jun 21

Thanks everyone for the early surprise birthday party tonight. It was great to see everyone. I thought Leann might try to do something next week, since the 27th is my actual birthday, but by pushing it forward a week, she really did manage to surprise me. I should have wondered earlier today when I answered her cell phone why Chris Gee was calling her, but I was clueless. Although for some reason, Gee actually showing up at our house is what finally clued me in.

I was actually working in the home office with two of my employees, and people just started showing up. So it was one of those gradual surprises, but was pretty neat.

Thanks to Leann for pulling the whole thing off, to my parents and in-laws for coming in from out of town, to Steve for bringing the big inflatable water slide for the kids to play on, to Neil and Chad for cooking the hot dogs, and to everyone for showing up.

As Dustin put it, here’s hoping for another thirty years.