Aug 23

Cheryl and I make a fast trip to Topeka, KS last weekend to pick up Aunt Bekah (Tim’s sister) and my niece Kaylee. We made it to Topeka with no problem, but somehow it took us a long time to get back to OKC…We have no idea why. We had overnight fun in the town of Emporia, KS at the Holiday Inn Express where they have awesome food and beds if you are hungry and tired. Kaylee is a well seasoned, cheerful travler with her trip back to the mainland, and was very cheerful when I finally got to meet her at the Forbes AFB by the lovely guard shack! She is adorable. I think the boys want to keep her, and Uncle Tim is pretty fond of her as well.

Here are some great shots of the short week we spent together, we will spend the rest of our visit in Dallas soon before Rebekah  and Kaylee head back to Hawaii.

Aug 23

Josh had an amazing time at school this first week. He has been excited about going to school for a long time now. On his first day of school, he did really, really well. No tears!! He was excited when he came home and enjoyed his day. His first day of school was extra special because Tim was there to drop him off, Jackson too, but also his Aunt Bekah and cousin Kaylee! Rebekah was so thrilled to share this day with us, and we were glad she was there as well.¬† Thanks Rebekah for making it an awesome occasion and thanks for bringing your camera!! I owe you one…

Aug 18

Here’s a video of the golf tournament I mentioned last post:

Aug 11

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. So if you’ve been itching for a Tim update (or even if you haven’t), here’s some random recent information.

First off, I’ve been working plenty. As an example, last Wednesday I took the day off. Which meant I only worked about five hours. Today, I’m at 8.5 hours, and still going strong. I do like working out of the home, but will like when we get an office outside the house. It’s tough to work with the kids running around, and even tougher with four employees (five pretty soon) in the same 11 foot by 11 foot room. We’re making it, though.

Josh is in Norman right now with Leann’s parents. I thought it would be much easier to get work done, but it turns out Jackson is just hitting his stride. The one advantage is at least he still naps 3-5 hours a day.

We went down to Dallas for work a couple of weeks ago, and were able to go to Six Flags as well. We had recently taken the kids to Frontier City here in OKC, and there was way more for them to do at Six Flags. We went with my parents and a couple of my employees. So the kids were shared all around and everyone got to have fun.

Josh has a sticker chart that he gets to fill up when he’s good. At the end of each day, he can put three stickers on it if he hasn’t sat time out at all, two if he’s been in time out once, etc. He filled up the chart and decided he wanted to go see a movie. We went to see Kung Fu Panda. I neglected to remember that Josh isn’t a big fan of movies with an antagonist. About twenty minutes in, he wanted to leave. I convinced him to play on my iPhone during the “scary parts” instead. It was actually a pretty decent movie. He told everyone afterwards that he liked the silly parts, but not the scary parts.

We also made it to the recent mini-golf tournament that benefited the Kid’s Place of Edmond. I’m pretty sure when we started out at 6pm that it was still over 100 degrees. The kids made it just for 15 minutes or so, but that was long enough for Josh to get his picture taken by a reporter. He ended up in the “My Edmond” section of the Oklahoma City paper. And yes, his tongue is sticking out.

That’s pretty much it!