Sep 16

Here’s a video of Josh dancing. Hilarious stuff. I missed it, but that’s the breaks. Thanks to Steve for taking the video. And to all of my family and the Kumors for leaving me at home to get work done Sunday afternoon.

Sep 13

Friday afternoon, I decided to take Jackson to the doctor for what I assumed was an ear infection invading our family. Jackson had a rough night on Thursday night, and I was just sure that he had ANOTHER ear infection. I made the appointment on Friday afternoon before the weekend to get some drugs and start fighting the ear infection fight for the first time this season. We were unable to see our regular doctor, but pleaded my case just the same that he was fussy and probably had a single or double ear infection. To my surprise after the examination, Jackson was ear infection free!! That has never happened to him before. I normally walk in to a well baby exam and walk out with a script for an antibiotic. I was pleased that he didn’t have an infection, but was surprised to learn that my baby finally weighed over 20lbs. Our official weight for our 20 month old, 22.7lbs!! Yea!