Dec 17

This is my first attempt at publishing a gallery, so bear with me…

Dec 16

Jackson will be 2 on Thursday! I can hardly believe my 7 lb 1 ounce baby boy is now laughing, running, speaking words we can understand, and even making a few jokes! Jackson is still pretty small, weighing in at 23 lbs and still wearing 18 month clothing. He is my tiny baby boy and I love him so much! He told me the other day he wanted “two bubbas”, I don’t think so, but we never know what the Lord has planned for our family!

Dec 11

Apparently Leann was bored earlier this evening. Click the picture below for the video.

Dec 05

Josh dances to Evolution of Dance

Here’s another funny Josh dancing video. We didn’t get his best effort on video, but this is Josh dancing while watching the YouTube Evolution of Dance video.