Jun 16

The (de)evolution of man

May 29

Jackson and Tim on couchWell, it’s been quite awhile since either Leann or I blogged on here. We’ve both been keeping busy with family, work, etc. I’ve had several 80 hour weeks since February, which has left little family time, much less blogging time. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have our latest Facebook statuses on the sidebar here, or you can find both Leann and myself on Facebook itself, and Leann and myself on Twitter.

We’ve just recently signed on with a business coach, and hope to increase the profitibility of T&S and make it so I can occasionally take time off, and don’t have to work many more 80 hour weeks.

Speaking of taking time off, I actually took off today on a Friday, mostly so Leann could do a few business related things this morning, and so I could go to Josh’s field day on his last day of pre-k. Whatever field day is. I assume I’ll know in about a half hour here…

The boys and I had a fun morning, and it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to spend this much time alone with them. We went to Whataburger this morning for breakfast, then to the “rock store”next door. They spotted a fountain in the small lot that sells landscaping rocks next door to Whataburger, so we walked over there after eating. After coming back home, we spent about an hour playing, cleaned up the wagon, and walked Josh to his last day at pre-k.

Theoretically part of what our business coaching sessions (and our extensive follow-up work) will do is make more days like that possible. I’d love to move to a four day work week, even if it’s still 40-50 hours.

Feb 22

Latest Josh conversation:

“I want to get baptized. Right now.”

Leann asked him why.

“Because I want to get married.”

Feb 05

Tonight while Dave, Hanna and Leann worked on decorating the new T&S office, the boys and I played a bit and Jackson got to wear his new Mickey Mouse pajamas. He’s very excited about them.

Jan 27

Several weeks ago, Brent Fuchs and I happened to be going to a Redbox right at 1am, and found it rebooting automatically. I didn’t quite get a picture of the screen saying it was temporarily out of service, or the Dell logo upon boot-up, but here’s the rest from before it returned to normal. We then proceeded to discover it didn’t have our movie. But at least we got these nerdy awesome pictures.

Dec 17

This is my first attempt at publishing a gallery, so bear with me…

Dec 16

Jackson will be 2 on Thursday! I can hardly believe my 7 lb 1 ounce baby boy is now laughing, running, speaking words we can understand, and even making a few jokes! Jackson is still pretty small, weighing in at 23 lbs and still wearing 18 month clothing. He is my tiny baby boy and I love him so much! He told me the other day he wanted “two bubbas”, I don’t think so, but we never know what the Lord has planned for our family!

Dec 11

Apparently Leann was bored earlier this evening. Click the picture below for the video.

Dec 05

Josh dances to Evolution of Dance

Here’s another funny Josh dancing video. We didn’t get his best effort on video, but this is Josh dancing while watching the YouTube Evolution of Dance video.

Nov 09

So if you follow these things at all, you may have heard that both Microsoft and Apple are developing new operating systems. Apple’s is OSX 10.6, otherwise known as Snow Leopard. The next version of Windows will be known as Windows 7.

I learned the hard way last time Apple upgraded their OS not to upgrade for a month or two after the software is released. And as far as Windows goes, I still haven’t “upgraded” our in-house website testing machine from XP to Vista.

I did find this funny look at the two upcoming OS’s from The Onion.